/design templates (.png & .svg)

. you can download the design templates for .donate?_ and modify, appropriate them for your needs_

. you can download the vector graphics file for .donate?_ design templates as free/open .svg format. you can open and edit the featured.svg files with free vector graphics editor inkscape for your system. you will also need to have free GNU FreeFont installed on your system to see the files correctly_

. you can also download the high resolution image file for .donate?_ design as .png format. you can open and edit the featured .png files with free software gimp, The GNU Image Manipulation Program for your system_

.svg vector graphics file_

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file size: 12KB
file format: .svg (scalable vector graphics)

.png image file_

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file size: 813KB
file format: .png image
image size: 4206x5905px
image resolution: 499dpi