. how it works(?)?_

. .donate?_ and .f.REeFUND check_ projects by .-_-. work(?) as complementary or individual artistic gestures, or they may really work, if you give it a try maybe_ check out the .f.REeFUND check_ project as well_

.make an offer to your organizer/curator_

. if your work or performance is a part of an event with an entrance fee but you believe in the possibility of another world, where the culture is free and you want to share/exhibit your creativity as a gift, and trust your audience for their appreciation on their free will, then make an offer for the organizers of the event_

. ask them to put the .donate?_ box and .f.REeFUND checks_ where your work or performance is, so that those people who has experienced your work as a part of the event they paid for in advance, can get back some of their money and instead, they can donate whatever they like to appreciate your work with their free will , which would define the real use value of your work_


. people do not want to pay for anything more than they value it. they will not be happy if they had to. also it is not clever, but just a shame to pay less than you would want to for an experience you like, even if the people make this happen are good fellows and believe in the possibility of another world, like you_

.f.REeFUND check_ and .donate?_ feature an alternative economy for cultural productions, for free culture. people do support the artists that create a value for their life, if they really do create a value_ the one who demand should name their own value (which doesn’t even have to be a monetary value) not the supplier_

.f.REeFUND check_ and .donate?_ can be just artistic gestures, yes they are in fact, but they may also work(?) as well, if you try_


. you can give all the freedom to the organizers of the event to choose what to do with the donations collected. they can keep the donations or share them with you, or even donate to other people or foundations. where the donations will go should be declared on a text next to the .donate?_
box. you will not know who has donated, but you will know that there are some people who appreciate your work_

.f.REeFUND check_

. the .f.REeFUND checks_ has two almost identical parts, except for their footnotes. the upper half of the .f.REeFUND check_ will be kept by the audience and lower half part of it will be left when getting the refund. the monetary value of a .f.REeFUND check_ can be calculated as the total entrance fee divided by the number of works/experiences at that event. for example, if the regular entrance fee is 10e and there are 10 works/experiences at an event, then the monetary value of one .f.REeFUND check_ is 1e_

.the audience should declare the .f.REeFUND check_ and their ticket to have it marked as “refunded” so that it cannot be used to get the refund for the second time, and they can get back1/10 of the fee written on the ticket, which is 1e for this example. the ticket office will keep one part of the .f.REeFUND check_ for accounting department and give the audience the other part with the same information written on as a memory of this experience_

.legal procedures & challenges_

. taxation and accounting of these procedures can be tricky for some countries but a willing accountant should find a way to enter these refunds and donations into account. both parts of the the .f.REeFUND checks_ can be given serial numbers (there is a space for it on the .f.REeFUND checks_, written as “serail no:”). the person who gives the audience the refunds can calculate the value of the .f.REeFUND check_ by looking at the price on the ticket and dividing it by the number written next to the “the number of the works/experiences hosted by this event:” part of the .f.REeFUND check_ . then the audience can get the part that they can keep as a memory of this experience and the person who can refund you the money can write the refund total on the part that s/he will keep for the accounting. there is no refund total written on the .f.REeFUND check_ because most of the events have different prices for regular/student/guest etc. tickets. you can modify the .f.REeFUND check the way you like and the way it suits your needs, it is .copyleft!_ and free!_ for example, you can write the refund total in advance if the event has a fixed entrance fee.